Iā€™m Kia, a photographer living and working on planet earth.

I was raised in a little Copenhagen suburb called Sun-red. But since it was mostly raining I had the time to study my dads photo books and magazines.

What occured to me was that 90% of the photographers were men, and 90% of the models were women. And the women were captured with the mind - and for the mind - of men.

With clear colours and an alternative casting I seek to actively redefine beauty by challenging outmoded ideas of race, gender, sexuality, politics, and religion. 

Beauty is cultural expression and the freedom to express yourself however you want.

I have in the last few years worked with several magazines and brands that share this aim; Vogue Italia, i-D, The Impression, Hunger, Tush, DANSK, Revs, Contributor Magazine, ELLE, NIKE, Hummel, Ace & Tate, blah blah blah...

Thanks for taking the time to read about me!